Best Raccoon Baits

Top 5 Best Raccoon Baits of 2022

Raccoons being the omnivores that they are will eat just about anything you can think of. this list below will show our pick of the top 5 best raccoon baits of 2022. These will help you bring in those coons! want tips for using a live trap? check out our guide!

5. AuSable Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait

This stuff is highly attractive to raccoons! It consists of 5 different oils and essences. Works for both dog proof and live cage traps. Also, it is used by Professionals across North America and very affordable.

4. Lenon’s Raccoon Sweet & Sticky Fish Paste Bait Pint Jar

Perfect bait for alluring a raccoon into a live cage trap or to get Mr. Ring Tail to committing to pulling the trigger in a dog proof raccoon trap. Deadly when used in conjunction with Lenon’s Raccoon Super All Call Lure. Ground fresh fish base is made from two Great Lakes fresh water fish species. Blended with several alluring scents that Raccoon will not resist. The sticky fish base withstands harsh weather. Freeze resistant and preserved properly so it will remain fresh smelling.

3. Predator Control Group Coon Crush

Coon Crush is made for dog proof traps, like the Alcatraz or Little Grizz. There is no fish or fruity odors in Coon Crush, it is a mouth watering mixture of crushed candy, candy bars, cookies and a mixture of coon approved grains. Once a raccoon smells it, he is planning to chow down. This bait is completely dry, so it can not freeze. You can pour a little into your dog proof trap and add some Coon Crack on the lip, and collect your coon in the morning. The blend of candy, candy bars, cookies and grain is a truly killer combination. Its easy to use, not messy and will also work great with cage traps as-well as pocket sets.

2. Coon Gitter

One of the most effective raccoon baits on the market! Guaranteed to catch those pesky raccoons. Work great in Dog proof traps just fill the bait up to the trigger and your set. Also works in live traps and dirt hole sets. Time tested with great results you wont be disappointed. Some helpful tips Use approximately a tablespoon of bait in the trap. Sprinkle a few pellets on the ground at the base of the trap.

Best Deal

1. Raccoon Kit #1 by Fox Peak Outdoor Supply

This convenient kit has a great selection of baits and lures for the beginner or avid trapper. The kit includes 8 oz. Raccoon Bait, 12 oz. Coon Gitter Bait, 8 oz. Bible’s Liquid GOLD Bait, and 8 oz. Bible’s sweet Betty Sauce. All great at getting those coons on your traps.







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