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Wolf Trapper Education courses in Idaho

Wolf trapper education courses are now available across the state of Idaho as per the Idaho Fish and Game. Classes are available in all regions between now and December. Anyone wanting to trap wolves in Idaho must attend a wolf trapping education course. Pre-registration is required. If you or someone you know is interested in attending an education class, please click the link below, select the class that works best for you, and register. The cost is $9.75. You also can register in person at any regional IDFG office. for more tips check out our guides.

Wolf Education Course

Individuals that have not held an Idaho trapping license prior to 2011 also will be required to take a standard trapper education course. Available courses can be found at:

Idaho Trapping Course

Trapping education is very important to wildlife conservation. Without Trapper education and regulated trapping, these fur-bearers could be put on the wildlife endangered lists or even go extinct. that is why we must educate ourselves on proper procedures while out on the trapline.

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